How I make those neat Arched Frames:

Hello all! Beautiful day today. Another Vlog! Today we make an arched frame window. It is called a “liner” or “Arched Liner” if you’re wondering. They are pretty tricky and take lots of practice. Today I happened to capture a perfect liner build, so check it out. Also if you are wanting to order a frame from me check out WWW.THEBATICAN.COM for more information on the frames I build. Thanks for visiting!

Without further due, here is the video:

How to pack and ship Artwork:

In this Vlog I show you how I pack and ship precious works of art. Hopefully this saves lots of people headaches in the future with shipping. I only sold work locally for the longest time because I didn’t have the space to even pack artwork properly. What a mistake! There’s more people outside of your hometown you know. Who would have thought? Ha!

The Commute

Today I bring you guys along for my usual drive.
You get to see first hand how I entertain myself while I drive countless miles around Fresno. It is ironic that my son Bruce has respiratory problems and we are also the problem. In future videos I will break this ridiculously absurd cycle.

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