Seasons greetings!

Seasons greetings! I have been refining my woodworking skills at @thebatican #BaticanCustomFramery and have also been working on commissions that must remain secret and not he posted to my Instagram feed to prevent the secrets from getting out. I'm feeling very happy with the progress I have made at The Batican, making and gilding frames. We have made leaps and bounds of progress. We have a small team of three people (myself included) working daily at the construction and finishing of these amazing fine art picture frames. It's been a crazy year indeed. We look forward to expanding and upgrading the assortment of tools we use. The closer these frames get to where in envision them to be, the sooner I will return to making my own paintings. The urge is growing. Follow @thebatican if you are not. I believe the Batican is on it's way to some amazing milestones. Stay Tuned. I'll be back with some new work soon! #nigelispainting #followthebatican 88